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If you’re a proud residence owner you are usually looking forward to ways to enhance the look of your house. This can be as easy as a lick of paint on the wall or sanding and staining a deck or door. What most people do forget about is there garage; it’s one of those spots that gets stuffed with junk with just enough room to squeeze the automotive in. But did you know the garage has become a major selling point for people when buying a new home. Your car is the second most expensive purchase you will buy so a lot more people requires a great place to store it and work on it.

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• Commercial Epoxy Floors
• Residential Epoxy Flooring
• Garage flooring alternatives
• Concrete floor leveling
• Floor repair support
• Safe items
• Concrete flooring polishing
• Flooring design services

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Epoxy Flooring – Which is a floor coating that is formulated in a number of ways to guard and supply you an ascetically pleasing look and feel. The one thing about adding epoxy floors is it’s mixed to withstand any variety of traffic flow, should it be foot or vehicle traffic we can put a floor in that will be not just be durable but easy to clean. Epoxy flooring is also pretty fast to install and it can be installed anywhere, house garages or factories to even airports it’s a very creative and clean answer to any floors look.

Finished Concrete – If you don’t want to go for the epoxy flooring selection then polished concrete may be the way forward. It can enhance any old grey dull floor in to a spectacular searching and hard wearing, functional finish that screams modern-day. And if the floor you have now needs some care before we enhance it then we can fill any holes and pits in the concrete. Or better still what we propose is that you enable us to add in a new concrete layer on top so the color underneath is even and looks brand new.

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